About The Bitch

In addition to the shit you see over to the right or what is included in my profile, these are the things you probably want to know about me to quickly decide whether or not you want to follow the train-wreck of a blog that is me:

A. Invisible Illness.  3 things. (1)Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS); Classical/Hypermobility crossover. Educate yourself.  (2)Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD); I have been told that I am basically a textbook example of an adult with ADHD who falls higher on the “inattentive” side of the spectrum. Usually, my ADHD is managed sufficiently, but when I’m having a hard time with the EDS, it can be completely unmanageable, which does not help at all with the last of my Invisible Triad.  (3)Depression/Anxiety;  I call this my “super-depression” because it’s a (somewhat) recent development and the anxiety is new.  I don’t suffer from this all the time, but it likes to pop up when my life goes to shit.

Side note: I only claim these three conditions because I am not going to list all the things that are wrong with me due to the lovely thing that is called “comorbidity.”  I’ll write a post about it someday.  Maybe.

B. Super Husband (SH). I firmly believe that God looked at the impressive pile of shitty things that have and continue to happen to me and went, “Well, shit.  So…. I can’t change that, but I can give you this awesome human being who will be the one stable thing in your life and will never let you down,” and then God put SH in my life.  No, our marriage is not perfect, but it is really fucking close to it and I would have died (not joking) without him.  He’s the shit and anyone who tells him that he “lucked out” because he married a woman who could be considered “pretty” obviously does not know me or the bullshit I put him through every day.

Side note: Yes, I actually believe in God and I go to church (…sometimes…).  I believe that God is love and accepts us for who we are (as long as we’re not killing things for the fun of it or whatever) and therefore has no issue with my liberal social views or liberal use of curse-words.  If you think I’m wrong, well, fuck off.  I don’t care.

C. Cats. I love cats.  I think they are the be-all-end-all of this world and I proudly consider myself a Crazy Cat Lady.  I think they ease my pain on my very worst days and give me joy when I’m in an emotionally dark place. I also find them insanely fascinating; I am a non-lettered cat behaviorist (no schooling, just in-life training in shelters and a lifetime of having cats in my home). SH and I are the overly proud pet-parents to the four cutest cats in the world: Chef (age 5), MacFluffin (age 4), Annyong (age 3), and Marge (just over 2).  They’re all rescues and the only one we’ve had since kittenhood is Annyong.

Side note: Dogs are fine too and I think they make great pets.  Just not great pets for me. The only time I get upset with people who like dogs is when I’m told they “hate cats” and “don’t understand why anyone would want a cat.”  Well, fuck you.  Cats are awesome and you’re wrong.


Side note (#2): As much as I love our furballs, I also think they are the biggest assholes in the world sometimes and will mock them incessantly.  This only makes me love them more.  Except when Chef decides to pee on things (usually mine).  Then I wish I could throw him out the window.  Just once. 

If anything else important about me comes up, I’ll put it here.  Otherwise, this is about all you need to know.

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